Len Arda

Adventurer & Mage
Keeper of the Moon ☾


Len, is a usual looking Keeper, her pale complexion, bright violet eyes and dark hair a contrast from her boisterous personality.

She is often found wearing black or bright purple, her taste in fashion varying quite drastically as her mood takes her from one style of clothes to another.

Len always has her rapier, by her side, and a leather satchel that she keeps her most coveted and loved possessions.


"Affiliation with magic, spread through time and space and passed through the ages to help those who need it the most."
Veridie Arda


Although the main focus of her training with magic was conjuration, Len has little love for the art and hasn't practised or honed her skills past the basic medical skills. Her idea of healing is non-magical and mostly involves bandages and stitches.


Arcane is Len's primary focus, through learning and focus she has poured her efforts into discovering new geometric symbols for magic and Aetherical manipulation.

Using a combination of different Aetheric magics, Len can create small portals or pockets for which she can retrieve items from another location or cause objects to gather and float. She uses this form of magic the most, and uses it in her daily life.

A summoned Arcane familiar called Alfie takes the form of a black cat with a moonstone at it's head often can be found following Len around. The two have become close companions and often help each other in their unspoken research.


The arts of black magic, fire, elemental powers is something Len knows of and can manipulate but nothing completely over the top. She can create small explosions but nothing more. With the mix of arcane and Thaumaturgic magic, Len can often be seen as a force to be reckoned with.

Len often combines her use of magic with her skill with a rapier, learning to fence from a young age.


Len was raised by her grandmother, Veridie Arda after her parents were killed in an Aetherical accident when she was very young.

Her grandmother was the Matriarch of a small keeper clan comprised of a few families linked to her grandmother. But once her grandmother passed away, her clan drifted apart leaving Len without any clear goals to strive for.

She decided to set out as an adventurer, but wasn't the best at working in a group with others and often found herself sidelined for other adventurers. She found herself joining a group run by Shariaan Moonstone along side Teus Snaff.

She considers ROWDY to be her family, and would lay down her life for them if needed.

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